Raised for Local Nonprofits
144 gifts
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Raised for Local Nonprofits
144 gifts
Totaling $34,040.00
Raised for Local Nonprofits
144 gifts
Totaling $34,040.00

NEK-CAP, Inc. Doniphan County Urgent Needs Fund

Specific Need

NEK-CAP, Inc. Doniphan County Urgent Needs funds are available to income eligible persons in Doniphan County facing an immediate need of assistance.  These funds assist residents of Doniphan County, and are funded through donations like yours.  


Over the years persons who have received urgent needs assistance have been able to catch up on bills, whether utility, rent, medical, etc. so they can climb out of the circumstance they are in and not fall deeper into despair.  This follows our vision: "One by one all families and communities become self-reliant."


How does this process work?  To ensure assistance is provided to those most in need our staff in Doniphan County follow our agency assistance application process.  Upon qualification we pledge as much as agency policy allows for the persons based on what situation is being applied for, and work with partners in the county such as churches, the Salvation Army of St. Joseph, Missouri, and others to meet the rest of their need.  


The number of requests for assistance far exceeds the total number of funding available.  YOU can help us ensure qualifying persons in Doniphan County have a helping hand by making a donation to the NEK-CAP, Inc. Doniphan County Urgent Needs Fund.


All funds received stay in Doniphan County and go to those in need; NEK-CAP, Inc. does not retain admin fees on the funds you donate.


For more information please contact NEK-CAP, Inc. Executive Director Jeanette Collier at (785) 742-2222 extension 140.


Our Mission: We provide comprehensive education and social services to low-income community members through collaborative partnerships focused on promoting family development, empowerment, and economic security.


NEK-CAP, Inc. is a Community Action Agency organized in 1965 to:

  • Fight Poverty
  • Promote Self-Sufficiency
  • Feed the Hungry
  • Improve Social Services

Since 1965, NEK-CAP, Inc. has administered federal, state, and local grant programs, provided referrals to all other community resources, coordinated services, and facilitated collaborations among other agencies and local governments toward the goal of helping people thrive and ending poverty.


NEK-CAP, Inc.'s Strategic Commitments:

  • To assure that families are CONNECTED to all of the resources and supports they need to thrive and to get out of poverty.
  • To engage the community in ending poverty.
  • To practice a whole agency integrated approach to assisting families.
  • To be a voice of advocacy.

Our Vision:  One by one all families and communities become self-reliant.

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Communities Helping Community Members
Communities Helping Community Members
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P.O. Box 380
Hiawatha KS 66434
Phone: (785) 742-2222

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